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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Section 8 My Name is Connect the Dots

Section 8

                          The  "My Name is Cipher" and Connect the dots with animations

                       I believe the My Name is cipher is more of a brain teaser than a code. Have you ever saw brainteasers where you have to guess a popular or common phrase? Some gives you a hint or maybe a set number of characters and you have to "fill in the banks" and figure out the phrase. Sometimes the characters or symbols are jumbled or mixed up to make the challenge more difficult. It is always a phrase that is common and used widely. Cliches or idioms like "think outside the box" , "X marks the spot", or " fill in the blanks". Zodiac was fond of using idioms and making puns.
Here is a definition of this idiom. Below is a link to where I got it from.


   It would be easy to make a puzzle out of an idiom. I made one and put it at the end of this section as an example and a challenge for people . It is a pretty easy one. First I encode the phrase or cliche with a simple substitution cipher then I give you a hint to solve it. If I want to make it even more challenging I can jumble or mix up the enciphered text.  It is like a word jumble mixed with a substitution cipher with hints to get you on your way to solving it . This one was just very hard. I like that though.(not saying I like zodiac)  I have seen some very hard puzzle books in my day. I think I can find puzzles similar to this. I will search for a few and post them as comparative examples in a future post someday. There are no rules for these kinds of things. That is what makes them challenging and fun. They are only limited by the creators imagination.  I will take some time and put together a post with similar codes and puzzles like the ones you have seen in this body of work. I am going to search to see if I can find some really old ones like the kind people back in Zodiacs day would have played with. I think a newspapers would have been a great source for puzzles like these. I know I have seen ciphers and things on The Vallejo Times website and their articles I have seen online. Think about it. Seriously...Think about it.  After you read this whole section you will see I make a damn good argument for it.

                          I think one of the clues or hints in this brainteaser is this symbol in the code.

                                                                       80 or 8T or 8 = T

                                  After doing all these overlays and seeing all of these dots. Then discovering something  funny about the map (and a few other things) that you will see at the very end of this post I made a joke. I said, " this brings new meaning to connect the dots. When I said that I had the "my name is" cipher out in front of me. It flashed through my mind that "connect the dots" has three T's in it. It was pure luck. (Just about all of my discoveries least I think).
Then I  looked at the three 8 balls in the My Name Is Cipher.

You might say ,"yeah but connect is misspelled, you kinda forced that". You would be right. Connect is mispelled and missing an "N". That is something zodiac did often. 
for example

You can say, " oh yeah he did it one time". 

I could add a lot more but I think you get the point. 

But  Randall he never spelled the word connect with one N. Hmmmm ..... yes he did

I always thought his misspellings would be clues to his codes. I've noticed in hos misspelled words he would often leave one letter out where you are supposed to use two and the add a letter where you are supposed to use one.. like "christmass".

Remember this puzzle came with the bus bomb schematic key that we used on the map and the 340. So then I wondered , "What if he enciphered connect the dots and the mixed it up. Jumbled it?" He cut the 408 cipher into three sections and mixed it up. The code that came with the map was jumbled. The 340, the map, and the bomb keys were mixed and jumbled into different letters. He even jumbled up all the clues he gave us telling us how to solve it so it would confuse us and throw us off. He was laughing at us. That's how he got his satisfaction. So I thought there is no reason he couldn't have enciphered the phrase connect the dots and then mix it up. When you figure out one part of the code or puzzle it gives you the clue to the next part. I believe that he thought if we figured out the rest of it all revolved around the dots that we would figure this out. Connect the dots is a very common phrase in the English language. Everyone has worked connect the dots puzzles as children. It is a common phrase in every mystery.  So I got out my pen and paper and tried it out, AND IT WORKED!!

First here is the definition of the common phrase "connect the dots" with a few link to a few sources of the same definitions. It has more than one meaning, and I felt it was important to show more that one source on this one. 
In my original post when I first put this online I said that was how you solved any mystery and people laughed at me. It surprised me some didn't get it.
One more source link just for the hell of it. 
Of course everyone knows the phrase comes from a puzzle where you connect a series of dots with lines to reveal something hidden. 

Here is the "my name is" cipher

I wrote connect the dots under it.

Then I started matching symbols to letters. I started with the 8 balls and t's first because it was the most obvious. Then I worked the rest from left to right like a math problem. Every symbol matched up to a letter. 

8 ball = t

Then I went from left to right.
A = C

M = O

E = N

E=N so N=E

N = E
Funny how an N looks like a Z on its side..cough..cough

Zodiac symbol = h

K = d

and finally double J = S


The final product
So now the code reads as, " my name is connect the dots."

I believe the JKF pattern could be  his initials and that his name has 13 letters in it. That is why the code has 13 symbols. One for each letter of his name. The 13 pattern repeating yet again. . That is one reason why "connect" is spelled as "conect". I believe with the JKF pattern , the hint to 13 letters in his name, and the clue connect the dots , that a name can be figured out. Using these three things as the clues. Now that we have the clue the puzzle becomes a "fill in the blanks" like the puzzle that came with the map.I have seen things like this in puzzle books and brain teasers.  Even the Zodiac said "he would rather us fill up the blanks". That was a hint to these two puzzles and both gave us hints on how to figure out his name. The code itself practically spelled it out for you when you apply connect the dots to the "my name is cipher". Here is a fun fact for ya. See that double J at the end of the cipher in the pic above. Jesse Jamez used to write his initials like that. They say he was also a Free Mason, but I don't know.

Here is an animation of the whole process

    I have figured out what could be a name but I can't really post it. That doesn't mean you can't figure it out for yourselves. Just because there are some words that look like a name doesn't mean It is the zodiac killers name. It could be anyone from his high school bully , to a victim, to nothing. All I am saying is that I found this. It could be nothing and then again it could be. Who knows. That is up to the police I guess. If they don't do anything then I guess I must be wrong about all of this. Get my point? Don't go out harassing people. Not many people look at his article or what ever you want to call it, but you never know what could happen tomorrow. So I had to post this, but you have to bad ass would it be to catch the Zodiac Killer? Below is the key for the "my name is" cipher.It is just the key...anything else you take away from it you do so of your own accord. It is funny though.... how an "N" and a "Z"   look so similar, and how an "S" and a "Z" sound the same sometimes.  It just makes ya wonder. .

                         This is just the code key to the "my name is" cipher and "connect the dots", but it seems like it might spell something. You can decide. Remember.....JKF WROTE. No matter what you think I ask that no one make a thing out of it.

                                                             An 8 overlayed onto a 0?

                           I saw the 8 ball in the code and thought how it also looked like the number 80.  Then I looked at the key and saw that 8=T.. get it ..8T.....80. Could this be a hidden clue that this symbol would in fact equal the letter "T" in the code. The first thing that popped in my head was a highway number. So I Googled it and found out Highway 80  actually runs through Vallejo, San Francisco, and  Oakland. So then I looked at the map again. My name is "Conect the Dots".

           .                     Just a thought I had that I thought I would share. Nothing more. It is the most prominent highway on the map and all the other highways end in 80. Here in a minute I will show you an actual "connect the dots" puzzle using the the map.        

eighty =80 = 8T

                     I have to thank Marcelo Leandro for something big he helped me with on this.
                     He pointed out that the three 8's in the my name is cipher could indicate the Zodiacs age
                     when he wrote the ciphers. 24. I wrote this in 2014, which could mean he would be
                      69-70 when this was written. (if he is still alive) That is matter for police and                                    professional investigators. Keep in mind that is just a guess, but it is a good one.  My interest lies with the codes. Not the man, but you should seriously consider what I have shown you here.


                                                         My name is "connect the dots"


          I found he uses the word "Fry" 6 times in the letters he sent. All are capitalized like a name. An example is shown shortly of all 6 together. The example above is the only one he marked with dots. Why if not trying to give us a hint? That is straight up narcissism. I found it hidden 6 more times. Even in the 408 cipher. I found it 3 times in actual connect the dots puzzles as you will see. That is 12 times I found far...that is an undeniable pattern. What makes it a pattern? It is an odd word that repeats. 

This next one I discovered because of this clue. I didn't make the connection to the my name is cipher until later. I just traced out the route on the highways from dot to dot. 

BTW... The example above is rock solid proof that overlays are the way this puzzle is worked because of the match between the bomb drawing and the map. It can not be coincidence. 
In the example below
you can clearly see Fry on the map without even connecting the dots. My name is "connect" the dots". 

Here is a short animation. Say what you will but you can't deny that it is there. 

Remember the radian overlay and the jkf initials hidden in them. Check this out.
 My name is .... connect the dots

The Halloween Card is nothing but clues which leads me to believe he created the whole card himself, or took an existing card and altered it completely. I notice it has no makers mark and no one seems to know. I am researching that. I have scaled the Halloween card and made an example of what the original card was supposed to have looked like. You can find this on some of my other posts.  I would like to know what the police have to say about the origins of the card, but I can't seem to find anything about it. If anyone else knows please link it somewhere.  The front of Halloween card reads, " I can feel it in my bones you ache to know my name I'll clue you in"

My name is "connect the dots"

                                                 My name is "connect the dots"


                             Here is a letter the Zodiac sent that is called the "SLA" card. I believe he was telling us that he left his initials hid all over the letters and codes he sent. That makes perfect sense. Wouldn't you do the same thing? I would. Read it. I looked up the name . Read what the definition says. You have to admit.... wow.

 Did you notice where he signed this letter. The drew a line over "nd" in the word friend. I wonder why he would do that... Leaving "Frie"........Hmmmmmm

     Below are the six examples of him using this word labeled with the news paper that received the              letters they were used in. Each letter contained one part of the Zodiac Killer 408 cipher. Notice the only one marked with dots are the ones sent to the San Francisco Chronicle.

                          I Googled this question one time.  Now I am going to ask you.
           Who the hell would use the word Fry?  What kind of person would use that word?
                               Why would they use it?  I am not going to say anything.
                                                I just want you to ask yourself.
                            They're only a few kinds of people who would use that word.
      A cook,  (which i highly doubt), some one involved with  cryptography because Fry is short
               for  frequency (but then it wouldn't be capitalized), or someone with that name who got a kick out of using it as a play on words
                                                                    for Friday.
                                                               Fry is a pattern.
        .    In the first letters he sent he said his identity was hidden somewhere in the 408 cipher.

                   This is from the first section of the 408 cipher sent to the Vallejo Times.

The Complete 408 Cipher

             How about that? Wild. It all comes back full circle. I had to go through all of that before I could find this.


               One person said that it appeared that I was just grabbing names out of a hat.. haha..seriously. I have to give my honest opinion about what I find. I won't be swayed from one side or the other even if it does make me unpopular .I never was much of a follower especially when I think I am right.  I followed clues and a pattern . I have shown these clues and these patterns.  Others have also said that this is the best work they have ever seen. Some you would be surprised. Thank you for that. I need encouragement from time to time. No matter what ... haters gonna hate. It amazes me the things people will say. I saw that one person said they tried this experiment and didn't get the same results. They offered no proof of this of course and remember that I proved the scale of the models for the overlays was correct.

         You have seen everything for yourself. You have seen the clues and the patterns.. Does it really look like I grabbed names out of a hat? If you really read all of this and paid attention then you would know there is no way I could have done that. I think some are just upset that I didn't find what they wanted me to find.
I think the work speaks for itself. They have said when you figured out the zodiac code , that you would know it when you saw it.. well...... I see it. I can't say that is the name of the zodiac killer.. Only the police can do that, but I did find an actual name.

 One more thing I will mention . Most assume that the Zodiac misspelled Christmas as Christmass in his letters.  The word Christmas comes from the word Christ Mass or the Mass of Christ. The word Mass to the Catholic church means sacrifice. Below is a screen shot of one of many examples I found when I was searching for something on it to post.


 This completes the main body of work. On the main title page you will find more links to more research and investigation based on this.
                                                Hope this helps some one out.

                   Here is a little puzzle I made to show how someone might make a puzzle like the _my name is" cipher. It should actually be a pretty easy one. I left at least half a dozen clues in it. I did not mix up the code. It is in the correct order. To make it more challenging I could have mixed it up...jumbled it.. If I were a serial killer using the letters of my name to make the puzzle then I probably would have jumbled it . I bet some can solve it just based on the 2 main hints I left without even trying to decode it . One more is an idiom that I use all the time. I imagine some saying..."how the hell do we know the things you say all the time?" clue is that it is an idiom. A famous or well known saying or phrase like "connect the dots".So for you people who like codes, puzzles, and brain is my challenge. Have fun with it. It is also a double puzzle.


Thank you Richard Grinell, Marcelo Leandro,  Morf, and John Cecil. A special thank you to Mr. Dave Blank. You guys were kind and respectful to me when a lot of others were not.  I also have to thank Tom Voigt for helping to make the info and the letters available to people like me. Even though he banned me from the facebook page.. hard feelings Tom. I am not that kind guy. I wasn't trying to cause anything. I was just excited when When I found that "v" symbol and I didn't know what to with what I had found. I wasn't trying to spam your Facebook page or anything .I was just making a lot of discoveries and wanted to share them with you all. So I made this blog. I just have a feeling in the end this is going to be more of a headache than anything. I cam promise everyone ..this is an honest attempt to solve the codes. If I did make mistakes they are not on purpose. I did not try to force all of this together. This is just the way it fell.I think the argument I presented and the work I have shown proves that. I think it speaks for itself.  I have many witnesses that have watched me since I started posting from day 1 and friends who will back that up .  This is it for now.

Make of it what you will. These are just my ideas and they could be wrong, but it is what i got and I stand behind it. Even though some might disagree with parts of it they can not refute the parts I proved.  They also might help some one else. I often forget it is hard to judge tone when you are reading.

        I will make a separate post for all the ideas and speculations I had posted here before and more. I took them down to make it as brief as i could and to avoid confusion.

                                      Check out Richard Grinnel  and
                                                                      click here

                                      They also have a Facebook page. Great bunch of guys.
                                               I would recommend checking that out.
                                                                      click here

                                                    Check Marcelo Leandro and his work.
                                                                       click here

                                      I also have to thank my buddy Timothy Scott Back
                      and my buddy Ben Molands for having my back and helping me with this.

                                                 click here to read the zodiac letters on this article


He made all the codes and the keys at the same time then mailed them out one at a time the confuse and misdirect.It makes perfect sense if you think about it . All the codes are connected to each other in some form or fashion. 

I will leave you all with one question.

Why did he capitalize Page??????Also he could have fit the whole word on the page without hyphenating it.  I wonder if that might be a hint to the girl that he suggested he took in the 340 hidden message, or could it be another name of some kind?? Either way I bet it is important for some reason. If it is just chance and this is nothing then let me ask you this. Why did he do the exact same thing in the example below on another 408 cipher letter?  He sure as hell didn't have to. It even appears to be hyphenated.

                                                                      click here to read


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   Table of Contents
Section 1...Intro to the Zodiac Codes

Section 2....The Clues

Section 3.... The Radians, the 66 Map, and the 340 code coupling

Section 4....The 340 Hidden Message

Section 5....The 32 symbol Map Code and JKF WROTE

Section 6.....The Exorcist Letter Puzzle

Section 7....The Zodiac Killer JKF Pattern

Section 8....My Name Is Connect the Dots