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Friday, January 5, 2018

The Zodiac Killer Enigma Site Map


                                                   "This is a game of misdirection.
                    The obvious choice may not always be the right choice."..Geordi,,,

                     This page is undergoing some changes. I recently got a few domain names, but the way blogger is set up it will not take you to the title page. It directs you to the last post made which is confusing for readers. So for now I have to post a duplicate title page until I can fix the problem. Any past links should redirect you here and I apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this may cause.

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                     Here is a short preview to get you started. I don't think the 340 cipher is a cipher.I think it is a grid.. A grid that can be used with the Phillips 66 map sent by the Zodiac killer to reveal hidden locations. This page explains everything in the best detail I could supply.


             9/21/2015- I just watched a movie made in 1988 called Bat 21. IT is a fictional story that is set in Vietnam. While the movie itself is fictional the way they used map overlays in Vietnam is based in fact. I laughed when the mp overlay and secret code they used with the map overlay in the movie was all based on golf and golf courses. It makes me wonder where they got the idea from for the film. Map overlays were commonly used in the military. I talk more about this in the different sections posted below.
 - a few hours later- Actually someone just informed that Bat 21 was not a fictional story and that the whole thing is based on true events that actually happened in the Vietnam War. Well..that makes it very very interesting indeed. The man behind it was named Iceal Hamilton, who went by the cal sign Bat 21. He was an Intelligence officer who was shot down behind enemy lines. I will check that for accuracy later today to make sure I spelled his name correctly.

          A hidden message can be found in the 340.  Here is the message I found hidden in the 340. To see how I found this and what the context of the message means you will have to read this page. All of it. I start the animation by proving the scale of the documents.
This doesn't mean that the 340 still couldn't have more hidden secrets or messages, but you will see more on all of this. These are here in an effort to get you curious and hopefully read more. I will admit it . 

Here is a preview of one of the bomb drawings matching the map when the timer and compass are aligned. I started it by putting the proof of scale of each document side by side. 

These are just a preview to what I have found. What you have just seen in the cryptography world is called overlay masking ,and it has been used for a very long time. It was very popular in the American Revolutionary War and even in times much much older. I show some examples in the different sections below. It is a type of visual cryptography.One of my missions is to find the best and many different examples of know Masking codes to show you. I was taught about this stuff when I was a kid in elementary school. I may even run across where Zodiac learned it form, though I suspect he may have learned it in the same way I did. Below is an example of overlaying two images to reveal a message. The type of overlay is really only limited by the creators imagination. What makes an overlay so great is that it can not be solved unless you have all of the pieces. I am sure most of you have seen something similar to the example below when you were kids with toys in a happy meal , magic tricks, or something of that nature. I know I have. 

Just a Word
I have never tried to make or explain anything like this before. I worry about that because I am not a writer. When I first started this I didn't think it was going to be so much work. Now I realize I will never truly be finished. Sometimes I worry if I did a good job or if people will take something I said the wrong way and judge me harshly. I also worry I might take something someone else says the wrong way.  I worry I might say the wrong thing.  I try to paint a picture with my words, but sometimes I struggle in putting them down the right way. So I made lots of pictures and animated examples. It is easier for me to show you than it is to explain it  I worry sometimes that maybe I threw too much out there at once , but I just put it down as it came to me. From time to time I will keep working on this. Writing, rewording, and organization. In the future I hope to do a smaller post that just shows the process. I have a new video for that , but I am afraid to put it up.  I worry that I bother people with this and I apologize if I did aggravate anyone.  I guess sometimes I worry too much. Even though I worry about these things, I am still 100 percent confident in my work. 

I researched the Zodiac Codes and letters for a few years. Last year I made some discoveries and decided to move my work online to share it with others. Think if this as my online notebook. Over time it keeps growing as I do more research and make more discoveries. I believe I have made some important breakthroughs in the codes and made some important discoveries. This page was the main body of work , but as it grew I was forced to break the main body down into 8 sections which are listed below and turn this into a main title page and table of contents. There is a lot of information and animations. Breaking it down makes it easier for anyone who wants to read them to load the pages and it makes it easier for me to update specific sections.  Below the main 8 important main sections are other posts that are based from information from these sections. As time goes by and I do more research this will continue to grow. Here are the first main important sections. Click on the links below the titles to read each section. Each section is linked with the section that follows at the end of each page.

A short video of Zodiac related images turned from black and white to color.
This is a small video file. I have one of netter quality I will put up later , but it is a much larger file.

Table of Contents

Section 1...Intro to the Zodiac Codes

Section 2....The Clues

Section 3.... The Radians, the 66 Map, and the 340 code coupling

Section 4....The 340 Hidden Message

Section 5....The 32 symbol Map Code and JKF WROTE

Section 6.....The Exorcist Letter Puzzle

Section 7....The Zodiac Killer JKF Pattern

Section 8....My Name Is Connect the Dots

If you want to know what kind of guy I think the Zodiac was.. Look up a man named George Trepal. He was a member of Mensa who tried to kill his neighbors and did kill one of them for no better reason than they were making too much noise......The same guy that caught Ted Bundy worked on his case. That is just my opinion and it is just an opinion. Funny thing though.. That investigator said when he was working on that case he was reminded of something Ted Bundy told him . "once you cross that line it is easier to do it the next time". When police arrested old George in his new home ....they found something in the basement that resembled a torture chamber. .. . Just to be clear I am not saying it was George Trepal. There are some who like to put words in someone's mouth. I am just saying I think they have a lot in common. It is just one of many possibilities and just an opinion.

Those are the first things you should read and read them all to understand everything. Below are more posts and more research I am doing on all of this

Something I just noticed while posting this and want to make a note of. The N in the word KNIFE is written backwords..

Here are some quick links to my other posts. I will add more detail and description to them later.

The Zodiac Killer Letters and Codes. Here I have posted the best examples of the letters and codes I can find and I am in the process of providing proof of scale for the documents that do not have them for future experiments.

Melvin Belli Letter

Why are the letters damaged? (work in progress)

Posts on the map locations
The Dots and the Golf Connection

The Zodiac Cross Symbol Locations

The Subliminal Secret of the Zodiac Killer Schematic (bomb and map overlay locations) very very promising.


New Zodiac Killer Full Body Composite

 The Zodiac Killer Death Clock

Halloween Card Posts

I have been working on enhancing and colorizing the original black and white scan of the Halloween card because there are subtle differences between the original and the replica. The replica has been cropped and blown up bigger than the original. I believe the eyes on the card could be and overlay Mask for finding a hidden message. Note the mask over the eyes of the skeleton on the card. That was drawn by the Zodiac and I believe it is a clue he left for overlay masking. I also believe he was hinting the eyes he drawn on this card are an overlay mask.  Here is what I have so far. I think it looks pretty good. Richard Grinell and I have been doing research and working on colorizing all of the old black and white crime scene photos as well. It brings them more more to life and actually makes it easier to distinguish details in the images. It will take a while but over time we should accumulate some good images.

Halloween Card Scale

Facts about the Halloween Card (and what the original unaltered card looked like)

The Original Zodiac Killer Halloween Card

The Blade and Chalice


Paul Stine Murder (work in progress)


The Cheri Bates Murder (work in progress)

I colorized the original photo , but I have been doing some illustrations also. Below is one of them of the Bates crime scene.

The Jensen and Faraday Murders(in progress)

David Toschi and Bill Armstrong at the morgue inside the Hall of Justice in San Francisco. March 29, 1974.
I colorized this image.

Toschi and Armstrong in the morgue at the California Hall of Justice in San Francisco.


The Scale of the Letters and Measurements
I am working on this project for future experiments. I believe the eyes on the Halloween Card could be an overlay mask for finding a hidden message. Overlaying in cryptography is called "Masking". Note on the Halloween Card the skeleton is wearing a mask over his eyes. I believe that to be a clue left by the Zodiac.

The 340 Code Scale

Map Scale

Death Machine Letter Scale (almost finished)

Halloween Card Scale


The Zodiac Killer and the Free Masons and other Secret Societies



Batman and the Zodiac Killer

This is pretty wild and also has some real good examples of that use of misdirection mixed in with clues that I have been trying to get everyone to see. 


The Holt Comic Issue #30
The Red Mask Meets Lady Doom and the Death Wheel

in its entirety 

read by the Zodiac Killer

A have found a lot of things in the zodiac codes and letters that points to Masons or at least symbols and such used by them. I think as clues but where he got his influence from I don't know. Maybe he was a Mason maybe he wasn't. The whole society of Masons is built around King Solomon and his temple. In the initiation ceremony they all dress up and you act out the murder of Hiram who was stabbed and bludgeoned for the word of the master mason. On the very first page of the Holt comic it says , " legend has it this wheel was built for King Solomon". I never expected that.


Story of the Zodiac Killer ( slow work in progress)

Bryan Hartnell
at the Dunbar Show studios

                           California Department of Justice Special Report Zodiac Homicides


                                   Charlie Chan at Treasure Island and The Zodiac....Killer




                                                          Zodiac Killer 340 Cipher Web Toy

                                If you want to try to crack the 340 as a regular substitution cipher
                           then try this out. I love this tool. I wish this guy would make a version
                 of this that would let you transpose it first according to different orders or patterns
                 and then apply this same approach. I wish I was smart enough to do it myself. If you
                 want to check it out then click the link below. I Hope he sees my request and does it. lol
                          I would like to try different transpositions based on the 4 numbered quadrants.

                                                                        click below

 I am going to try to get a couple of people to do this but in the off chance you do read this Mr. Oranchak ( I know I could just ask you but I don't like bugging people). Just for fun.. make a version of this that you can transpose in different patterns and maybe try more than one key on but I am most interested in the transposing. I have thought about this for a long time and the easiest way I can think to do it would be to make a blank 340 grid that you could then click,drag, and map the 340 back onto  then apply the substitution cipher aspect of your app to this remapping. That way you could try any different possible pattern. You never know til you try and you can't say it isn't worth trying.


                                                  Did The Zodiac Murder Susan Nason

                                   Click here to read Did The Zodiac Killer Murder Susan Nason


                                          Zodiac Killer Phrases, Words, and Speech Patterns

                                                             Click here to read


                    Here is a little challenge I posted at the end of section 8. I just thought of something. Section 8 is a military term for people who just a joke.. Here is my challenge. I made this to show how someone might make a brain teaser like the My Name Is cipher. This one should actually be pretty easy. I left at least half a dozen clues and it is in the correct order. I did not mix it up.. but if I were a serial killer who made the code using the letters of my name then I probably would have mixed it up. It is also kind of a double code in that sense. You will see what I mean when you solve it . Some can probably solve it without even trying to decode it just based on the two main hints I left. So for you people who like puzzles, codes, and brain teaser you go. Have fun with it.

Nothing Zodiac related. This is a song and video made by some guys from where I live and I suppport anything by anyone local...the fact that it is pretty kick ass doesn't hurt either.. check it out.. Frankenstein by Stitch Rivet.